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 Application to join

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Allysin Minase


Joined : 2009-12-30
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PostSubject: Application to join   Wed Dec 30, 2009 12:34 am

Hello to all who is reading this. I was wanting to leave a little resume of sorts to join this FFXIV Linkshell.

I started gaming when I was little with the Super Nintedo. As the years went by I got more and more into them, but I never tried an MMO.

My MMO history is very short. A friend got me into WoW a few years ago, and since it was my first MMO, it had something magical about it. Since I had a friend of mine to play with, I played it for over a year. Once I got a few max level characters though, I started to read up on other MMORPG's and when I saw FFXI was an MMORPG I had to try it. After playing my free trial, I quit WoW and subbed to FFXI.

I played FFXI for over 2 years in the past, reaching 75 with Bard and Corsair. It was by far the better experience of the two MMO's I've played. I liked the good community and having to group up. It felt like it strengthened the bond between players.

Sadly, once my life got a little too chaotic, I had to quit FFXI since it was taking up too much time, a year later, I have a new and organized schedule where I can devote a few hours to gaming again. I looked over and tried most of the big new MMO's, but none caught my attention like XI. So for now I am MMOless, waiting for the hopefully great XIV.

And judging by this site, this seems to be one of the best FFXIV groups out there so it would be really neat to be able to join ^.^
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Joined : 2009-07-23
Posts : 305

PostSubject: Re: Application to join   Wed Dec 30, 2009 1:40 am

Welcome! Always good to meet another brd ^^

I'd say former brd, but you never really quit. FFXIV should be wonderful, once it finally launches...if not, expect SE to burst into flames. Pretty unique to find someone that started with WoW and then quit it for FFXI, but cool none-the-less. I'm hoping FFXIV will fill the spot where FFXI was; a MMO that's home. Sure we visit others but for me, FFXI was always where I went back to.
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Khalus Akuhei
Furtively Altruistic

Joined : 2008-05-21
Posts : 4384

PostSubject: Re: Application to join   Wed Dec 30, 2009 4:47 am

Heya, and yeah wow...started with WoW and left it for FFXI and fell in love with that style of gameplay instead. Thats truly unique and doesn't happen often, more like never that I hear of.

Awesome on the BRD too, a great job to empower parties into an amazing adventure every time...hehe And Corsair too, one of our previous members we played with was a Corsair and those were some very good times..{wish she'd come back}

Chaotic life and trying to balance FFXI in there; yeah I've been there several times and know exactly what ya mean. Glad you were able to free some time up for MMOs again, and hopefully FFXIV will be that next gem that continues with what FFXI started.

Thank you for the compliment on our website/forums! I've been trying really hard to keep it updated and looking more professional to show that we care and use it.

Anyway, I'll get ya upgraded to a member shortly, and one last question, I noticed your user name is that of a first and last name...would you like those separated so it displays as so, or remain mushed together as one word!?
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PostSubject: Re: Application to join   

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Application to join
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