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 New FFXIV info from Dengeki and Famitsu

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Khalus Akuhei
Furtively Altruistic

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PostSubject: New FFXIV info from Dengeki and Famitsu   Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:41 pm

Quote :
World; Three State Nations, Bases for Adventurers

The three capital state nations are starting places for adventurers in Eorzea. From those pictures, you can see that they have different features. It seems like they have different settings for races to live for each state nation.

The State of Eorzea and Adventurers’ Starting Point

Eorzea, one of the continents of Hydaelyn, is the stage of FFXIV. 15 years ago, when the Garlean Empire invaded, one of the six capitals of Eorzea fell. Adventurers travel to Eorzea to find word at guilds started by ex-mercenaries that settled in the other five cities.

Limsa Lominsa; Ocean Capital
Limsa Lominsa is a sea state nation floating on the Rhotano Sea, guarded by the Goddess of navigation, Llymlaen. They are famous for shipbuilding, fishery and their strong navy, the Knights of the Barracuda.

Caption: Pirates are said to appear in the Rhotano Sea. Could this picture be…?! There are rumors that there could be some fishy relations between the navy and the pirates…

Ul'dah; Sand Capital
Ul'dah is a gigantic fortess against invaders. The area around Ul'dah
is more like a savanna than a desert.

Gridania: Forest Capital
Gridania is a bit different from other state nations in that they have a lot of wooden buildings. It looks like they are surrounded by dim forests that they might be like natural labyrinth for Adventurers.

Creator's Check

The location of FFXIV is Eorzea, a region comprising of the Aldenard continent and the surrounding islands. The Garlean Empire, which has done a number of invasions, originated not in Eorzea but in a territorial state in an eastern continent. Therefore, that nation has invaded groups of state nations in Eorzean civilization. The battle scene on the official site trailer shows the fights with the Garlean Empire. We cannot tell you what that battle is yet, but it does have something to do with the Adventurers' ability to "change the World." This power is to relive the past events does not mean to come and go the past and the present like in FFXI's Wings of the Goddess. Plus, we cannot tell anything about the origin and nature of this power, for it is deeply connected to the main part of the story. You have to play and figure out the truth by yourself

New Factor: Character

Creator Check

Character customization is much freer than in FFXI, but the creation process is done in such a way to bring out the special characteristics of the different tribes, like they hyur mid-landers and high-landers or the miqo’te Sun Seekers and Moon Keepers. Furthermore, depending on the class you choose there will be a few things you can change about your starting armor.

New Factor: Magic

As this game is one of Final Fantasy series, the system of magic in FFXIV should not be that different from other ones. However, from the new pictures and trailers in the official site, there are some scenes which could be assumed to be using "magic." Though it is hard to say if they are just some special effects in pre-rendered cut scenes or if they have something to do with the game system, they are important for sure.

Creators Check

Magic in FFXIV has two properties: "directional property" and "school of magic." This means, even HP curative magic spells can be different in the amount, area, time and MP cost for the spell. As for new magics, there are famous spells from the FF series which are not used in FFXI since they were not suitable for MMOs. Those spells are difficult to apply in FFXIV, also, but we won’t yet say that we are not going to use them. Moreover, even if they have same names as FFXI, there are some spells which have been dramatically changed in FFXIV. Please check them out.

This time, weapons make adventurers’ classes, but in FFXI, characters with swords, such as paladins and red magicians, could also use magic. In FFXIV, it is not class that will define this, but it is possible to use both swords and magic depending on the character’s growth. There are still a lot of parts being discussed, so please look forward to it.

New Factor: Dungeon

Caption: Ant’s nest!? Here, adventurers are fighting ant-shaped monsters. From the ladders and bridges, we can assume this used to be a mine or something along those lines.

The word “dungeon” can make any adventurer’s heart skip a beat. We’d love to be able to give you a feel of the dark, dank dungeons, but from the few pictures provided we’re presented with some interesting looking fighting scenes, as well. From their equipment we can guess what their classes are.

Creators Check

In FFXIV, each area is very wide. Moving between the sunlit fields and the dim dungeons is seamless with no area change. There are pictures with really dark dungeons that may make you think of exploring dungeons with a torch, but the dungeons are made in such a way that torches will not be needed.

Caption: The dungeons in Limsa Lominsa are crawling with water monsters. There are crabs(?) bigger than roegadyn!

New Factor: Monsters

Caption: Quell the beast tribe uprising! The beast tribesmen in this picture look similar to the trolls of FFXI. They don’t even flinch from the miqo’te lancer’s attack from behind. From the intricate designs carved into their armor, we can tell that this beast tribe has excellent craftsmen.

Creators Check

“Beast tribe” is a name given to these people from the government. They look different from the people living in the cities and have different philosophies and religions, but they have their own culture and knowledge. Eorzea is now a three-way deadlock between the “people” of the empire and the “people” of the beast tribes, and adventurers sometimes get caught in the crossfire. According to the setting, the two are irreconcilable, but they do say the enemy of an enemy is a friend… not to mention, not all beast tribes view humans as enemies, and there may be those that live peacefully, those that betray, and even those that try to make deals with humans.

As for the normal monsters, their behavior in the field has also evolved. In FFXIV, as in FFXI, monsters can be categorized as passive, aggressive, and linked, but in FFXIV there are also monsters that are in packs or monsters that prefer to live alone. There’s also a food-chain sort of relationship planned.

Lastly, the “summons” existent in other games in the FF series also make their appearance in FFXIV. However, unlike FFXI, these summons are closer to god-like existences, and in order to gain their help, even higher hurdles must be overcome.

Oh sweet, love that last part I bolded, which basically tells me that the various forms of aggro are back, and it won't just be proximity like everything else out there. Would be a horrible move to go from FFXI to very dumbed down aggo! Plus the new packs, alone and food-chain style of aggro sounds really interesting...however that may turn out, but I've a few ideas brewing in my head.

Also the character section that talks about different tribes that each race may join sounds really neat. It's already been said that there won't be racial restrictions based on the class you choose, unlike FFXI where Galka was weak in Magic, and Taru were weak at DPS....etc This choosing a tribe though sounds like you'll get different advantages and/or penalties in other areas based on who you choose to side with!

I'm already pretty sure that my allegiance will be with the "Keepers of the Moon" with my Miqo'te! Has a very nice ring to it.
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PostSubject: Re: New FFXIV info from Dengeki and Famitsu   Fri Jan 08, 2010 12:39 am

I don't think that tribes will be much more than backstory but we'll see. They've already said that a summoner type class won't be in at launch, which makes me a little sad. Tho I hope when it does come out, it'll be done much better than the one in FFXI. I totally agree with you on the aggro types. I always loved how advanced (for the time) FFXI's aggro detection and tracking methods were. I hope they expand upon that idea. There was nothing like running behind true sight mobs or having to carry consumables for sneak/invis because you couldn't cast. All in all, you have to admit that with the little info that SE has provided so far, it's looking to be a true MMO with all sorts of complexities.
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Raijin Tsuji

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PostSubject: Re: New FFXIV info from Dengeki and Famitsu   Fri Jan 08, 2010 12:34 pm

the aggro thing soounds amazing i hated in some mmos how i could stand literaaly 10feet from a mob with it looking at me and not wanna eat me(like emm lil human for dinner!).

The tribes thing im tottaly with the abckstory approach for now at least.

im glad summoner isnt in at launch then you would have a serious surge of people trying to map out their way to get the summoner as fast as possible and i feel that would make a lack in playstyles for me. but iono
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Joined : 2009-07-23
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PostSubject: Re: New FFXIV info from Dengeki and Famitsu   Fri Jan 08, 2010 1:14 pm

I remember shortly after launch when you'd have new summoners outside town chaincasting summons to the crowds. The Oooh Aaaah effect was great. hehe.
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Khalus Akuhei
Furtively Altruistic

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PostSubject: Re: New FFXIV info from Dengeki and Famitsu   Fri Jan 08, 2010 2:08 pm

Tareith wrote:
I remember shortly after launch when you'd have new summoners outside town chaincasting summons to the crowds. The Oooh Aaaah effect was great. hehe.

I was there for it twice in FFXI, when the US PC version launched and once again with the US PS2 version, but that time I was a summoner making the nubs ooh and aww...hehe! Those were good times!
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PostSubject: Re: New FFXIV info from Dengeki and Famitsu   

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New FFXIV info from Dengeki and Famitsu
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