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 Connect!On February Scans and Translation.

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PostSubject: Connect!On February Scans and Translation.   Wed Jan 13, 2010 2:35 pm

Quote :

Connect!On Staff Predictions
The Secret of Adventurers’ Power

Talu (T): Beast tribes are about the same as beastmen in Final Fantasy XI.
Mainai (M): There are a few different groups, and each probably has their own primal. They probably are related to each other in ways similar to the orcs, yagudo, and quadavs.
T: I wonder about the part about each tribe having their own system of beliefs and ways of life. If there are beast tribes that have a way of living that is compatible with humans, they may even be able to help people.
M: Even so, most beast tribes will be judged as enemies. I’m pretty sure the “power to relive the past” was given to adventurers because they are needed to protect society from the beast tribes’ invasions. Talu, what do you think about this power?
T: It’s the power to go into someone’s perception of the past, so it’s probably to find out how to sold the problems of the present somewhere in the past.
M: I wonder if it’s like the spheres in FFX and FFX-2 (Spheres let you see things that were recorded onto them, like watching videos played back on a camcorder –Manly). I personally think this ability will be a “poison and a cure.” Apparently there are some memories that may hurt you, not just memories that will help. I like this mysterious aspect of it (Mainai laughs).
T: This ability is supposed to be very important to the story by bringing forth the truth, as well. I really want to know why adventurers have this power!

Question 1: How will Eorzea be shortened?
(The Japanese hardly ever call anything by its full name; it’s very trendy to shorten things. Eorzea’s Japanese Romanization is Eoruzea, which is five syllables to English’s two –Manly)

A lot of people thought it would either be shortened to “Eo” or “Zea.” Either one seems pretty likely to become the standard abbreviation.

* Maybe Elzea. Does that sound too much like a drug?! –ACESCAMP
* El-oh-el. –beater
* Either Eor or Eo will probably be the most widely used abbreviation.
* I think a Hydaelyn abbreviation may actually be used more often –Mysluma
* I think it’ll be Zea. –Northwind

Connect! On Staff Predictions
What is characteristic about dungeons?

M: What kind of purpose do you think will lead adventurers into dungeons most often?
T: I think they have to go there for their guildleve missions. Of course, there are many patterns, like, you will have to go there to get hidden items, or kill bosses hiding in the dungeon.
M: Since there are lots of monsters walking around there, maybe you will go there to raise your skills, or there may be cases which fighters go there to protect gatherers collecting in them. If gatherers could hire you as mercenary, you will get money and skill up at the same time!
T: Pictures of dungeons released this time were all caves.
M: There must be dungeons with a lot of machines, as well! This is just my speculation, though. (Mainai laughs)

Question 2: What kind of dungeons will there be?

Most people said there must be modern dungeons, like high-rise buildings.

* Dungeons where grass and trees grow as time passes. You would have to calculate when it would be efficient to gather items there. –Hanafusa
* Ruins at the bottom of the ocean. It used to be a big city, but it sunk deep into the water because of shifts in the tectonic plates. –Oshin gekidan
* Dungeons which open when something specific happens in the world. It’ll be interesting if the structure changes depending on when you go there. –Expiacion
* Dungeons which influence both the past and the future through some sort of temporal shift. What happens after you clear will be different depending on the player. –Swati
* Ancient underground dungeons. They can only be accessed by a “Bridge Shown by Time,” where the entrance is only shown when the minute- and hour-hands of the clock reach a specific time. –Freezia
* A huge fort up in the sky. It symbolizes high civilization and you need to fly to get there. –Sakuramochi

Question 3: What would you like to say first when you get to Eorzea?

Most people said they want to shout for joy.

* I may /shout, “Hey guys, would you like to take a picture together?” –Thorna
* I’d login as Lalafell and say “I made it to Eorzea-lala.” –Oshin gekidan
* Am I dreaming? –Kamiyama Ryoyu
* It’s kind of ordinary but maybe “I’m here!” –C3xYg5IOU
* I’m home! –Ben Afleck
* Nice to see you, Eorzea! –Koshian29
* Eorzea really does exist! –ACESCAMP
* It’s the dawn of Hydaelyn! –anonymous

What are you looking forward to for the Beta Test? Readers: BATTLE!


* Fighting mechanical weapons –Thorna
* Ranged attacks –Expiration
* I WANNA FIGHT! –Gutchi

M: Lots of readers said they wanted to fight mechanical enemies. Looks like a lot of people have really been drawn in by the not-too-distant-futuristic scenes.
T: The Garlean Empire boasts advanced militaristic technology, so there’s a pretty good chance there’ll be battles with them in the beta. Of course, then one must wonder if the adventurers themselves will be able to control machines to defeat enemies sometimes.
M: According to past information, the Garlean Empire is the only country that is allowed to own high-level machinery, so if adventurers were to use them, they would probably have to steal them and figure out how to use them to attack. I wonder if the flying scene in the trailer has anything to do with that?

Connect!On Staff Predictions
You may be able to select color by “gradation”

T: In FFXI, you had to select looks and colors of your character from the patterns shown. Is it the same in FFXIV?
M: I think there are some basic patterns and then you can arrange them by yourself. For instance, you can select dark brown hair and make a subtle change in tone. If colors are manageable by gradation (Perhaps sliders? –Manly), that’d be nice!
T: I see. If you do not want to spend your time on deciding the looks, you can just use the original pattern. On the other hand, if you really want to customize the looks, you can make minute settings.
M: I am anxious to know if we can change designs of bandages or tattoos during adventure.
T: It must be fun if you can change your looks day by day depending on how you feel. I may want to collect different types of bandages!
M: I know! I’d love the trip to collect rare bandages.
T: By the way, do you think it is possible that those tattoos and bandages would have useful features for battles?
M: I doubt it. If that happens, it’d be too complicated. I think they are just for fashion.

Question 4: What kind of classes do you want there to be beside ones which are released?

There were a lot of adventurers that thought of classes that would weaken monsters.

* Firework artist. The attack would cover large space with strong fire. They are also good at making enemies blind with gunpowder. –Mysluma
* A class that can control weather at will to limit the activities of enemies or support their party. It would be a Disciple of Magic! –beater
* Strategist. They can weaken enemies by connecting different kinds of shields. –chaozz (The word used for shield here is most abstract, like force-field or magical barrier. I couldn’t make much sense of it –Manly)
* I want to combine a lot of skills from different classes and make a completely new class. –Raomu@neko
* Magic gunfighter. They can load magic onto bullets. –CHAR
* If there were Magic swordsmen, I’d be so happy. –Knife (He uses the Japanese word for classes like FFXI’s red mage and blue mage, magic users also somewhat capable of melee fighting –Manly)
* Shepherds who specialize in processing wool. –PUNYA

Races: Elezen male is predominant!
According to the survey done this time, Elezen male is the most popular race. Roegadyn and Hyuran male seem to keep the same popularity.

* Elezen ♂: 18%
* Elezen ♀: 10%
* Lalafell ♂: 12%
* Lalafell ♀: 10%
* Hyuran ♂: 14%
* Hyuran ♀: 5%
* Roegadyn: 14%
* Miqo’te: 17%

* Roegadyn. I’d like to kill all monsters in front of me. –Northwind
* Lalafell male looks like they would be easy to coordinate equipment for. –shin
* Elezen female. Her beautiful and strong looks are just my type. –Butt Master
* Elezen male. I love his elf-type looks and tall and skinny body. –Sakuramochi
* It’s the charming miqo’te for me! –Expiacion
* Elezen Female. She has the perfect body. –Okashira

Connect!On Staff Predictions
What will happen with the sub-races?

M: In previous information, we were told that there were different types of classifications within the races.
T: Yes, like the miqo’te Sun Seekers, active during the day, and the nocturnal Moon Keepers. At this point, this is all we know about it.
M: Since there wasn’t anything about this included in the character customization information, do you think this is something you choose after you’ve joined the game?
T: I can’t be sure, but that’s what I’m thinking, too. Each different sub-race tends to have its own home ground, like the highlander hyurans that were almost wiped out in Ala Mhigo now living in Limsa Lominsa. I think you probably have to go to these areas and fulfill some sort of requirement before you can choose your sub-race.
M: If that’s the case, it’s something you would have to take into account when you start the game and choose your starting point. It’s not unlikely that your sub-race will be chosen automatically based on your starting point.

Question 5
How do you think each race will talk?

A lot of people expect the Miqo’te to be a “tsundere” character, but the majority of speculation was about lalafell voices.

* The roegadyn is always sticking out his chest. I want the way he talks to be full of intimidating force!
* I have this image of the miqo’te grinning with a hand on her hip. I can imagine her saying in a patronizing voice, “So, what do you want to do?” –Freia@Bahamut
* I think all races should have a different ways of speaking, but I personally prefer a cool tone –Hourglass
* I would love if there were a lalafell somewhere in the world that ended their sentences with “dasu!” –KJ (Apparently the way an old Japanese comic character from Inakappe Taishou ended his sentences. It’s a very cute and very country-bumpkin sort of saying –Manly)
* I think lalafells should break out into song when they’re in a good mood! “Lalala~!” –Oshin Gekidan
* I’d like it if the miqo’te talked tough, but was a clumsy character. (Laugh) –Shamii
* The elezen male should always speak with a confident countenance. –Raomu@Neko
* Miqo’tes MUST end their sentences with “nya.” THIS IS NOT A REQUEST. –Knife
* The human male should speak in a fervor, like an over-energetic motivational speaker! –Striped Panda

(These pictures indicate choices people have for voice actors. I will be explaining each voice actor for those who don’t know them. –Manly)

The lalafell should be Hayashibara Megumi! –Oshin Gekidan
SteveNotely: Hayashibara Megumi is a veteran voice actress, and my personal favorite. She is famous for her roles as female Ranma from Ranma 1/2, Jessie from Pokemon, and although a bit different from her usual voice acting image, may be most popular for her role as Rei Ayanami from Evangeleon. She voiced Shantoto, a tarutaru, for the Japanese version of Dissidia and did an amazing job. For those who don’t know, a tarutaru is the basis for lalafell design and originates from Final Fantasy XI.

The miqo’tes voice should be Shoko-tan! (Laugh) –Nari
SteveNotely: Shoko-tan is Shoko Nakagawa’s nickname. She is an idol for Japanese nerds; she is a cute girl who frequents the Japanese forum 2channel and blogs from her cell phone about 80 times a day, starting with a picture of something written on her forehead. She also has an interest in many types of anime and video games and is skilled in drawing (though some of her drawings are a little twisted… in a cute way, of course.) In recent years, she has been asked to do some voice acting, and has also started singing for anime theme songs. She did a cover of Evangeleon’s theme song, “Zangoku na Tenshi no Teeze,” and also sang the opening theme for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Both of these are relatively major titles to anime nerds. She was probably chosen by the reader for this role because both the miqo’te and Shoko-tan appeal to nerd fetishes.

Ryuhei Matsuda would be a perfect voice for the elezen male! –Kasujiro
SteveNotely: Aya says he’s an actor. “Supposed to be handsome, but I don’t think so.” She says his voice is deep and manly. If they ever make a Japanese version of Steve, he might do the voice. He is now a bit older but has an intimidating aura that just makes him come off as cute sometimes.

Question 6: If a family sitcom were made with FFXIV characters, how would you cast them?

* I would cast a lalafell in the role of a genius elementary school student with an IQ of 180 and a calm and almost cold personality that contrasts with his looks. He would come from a rich family, and an elezen male butler would always be watching over him from close by. –Oshin Gekidan
* The hyuran male would be a high school student working as a paper boy. He has a crush on a miqo’te he delivers papers to…–Freia@Bahamut
* I would put a handsome elezen male in the role of someone with absolutely no sense of direction who is starting to show signs of claustrophobia. –Kamiyama Ryoyu
* A mother, played by an elezen female, gets ready for a Christmas party with help from lalafell siblings, and older brother and a younger sister. A roegadyn Santa watches over them in secret. –ACESCAMP
* A loving elezen married couple. They live with their older miqo’te daughter and younger lalafell daughter. –Swati
* I think a roegadyn cast as a father with an incredible talent for cooking would be a very popular character! –Butt Master

MAGIC: Predictions about the game system still surrounded in mystery!
Connect!On Staff Predictions

Adjust the affect and power to your needs!

T: This is how I think magic casting is going to work.

* Learn magic
* Set it in the action menu
* Wait for the action gauge to fill
* Choose the command and start casting
* Control the potency of your spell with the power gauge
* Casting ends and the spell is cast.

M: Quite the speculation. (1) will probably be taken care of at shops or gained through quests, and then just put them in your action menu.
T: Right. In FFXIV, I’m sure magic will have to be set on your action bar just like abilities and normal attack.
M: You’ll probably have to pick and choose the magic you take with you on an adventure then, not unlike. The blue mage from FFXI.
T: Then use it through steps three and four.
M: The problem is step five. What do you mean by this?
T: When you select the command, you begin casting. Then, your power gauge starts to fill and you can control how strong the magic becomes. Think about it; if ten is the maximum number of spells you can set, then setting cure II, III, and IV at the same time doesn’t seem very efficient.
M: You’d overload your command menu too quickly! (Mainai laughs) If you can use many different levels of cure with just one command, this would really save space, but would this mean you’d be able to cast blizzard at blizzard IV strength after learning the first spell?
T: I think the power gauge will be proportional to the adventurer’s skill. They will need higher skill levels to charge their gauge for higher spells.

Caption: Will MP use also change?
If the power gauge increases the strength of the spell, it’s probably safe to say that you will spend more MP for higher strength spells.

Question 7: Do you plan on playing FFXIV with your FFXI friends?
About 68% of readers who answered said they would play with their FFXI friends.

* I’ll start in secret, but my friends will probably find out pretty quickly. –Raomu@Neko
* I plan on telling my FFXI friends before I start playing. –Knife
* I’d like to enjoy the experience as freshly as possible and will probably try to find new friends there.
* My linkshell members and I are going to take Eorzea by storm! –beater

What kind of expectations do you have for FFXIV?
A beautiful environment for leisurely play

M: Seems like the majority wants an “easygoing” play experience while enjoying the beautiful scenery.
T: Many people said that they want to play FFXIV without constraint. As you can see from the images released this time, Eorzea seems to have a lot of beautiful sights. Looking at these sights would relax anyone. What exactly are these pictures of?
M: The left one is a harbor city, and the right one looks like some place covered with forest.
T: Aren’t they Limsa Lominsa and Gridania?! The ocean capital and the forest capital! If so, it is the first time we’ve seen in-game graphics of them.
M: The harbor city seems to be prospering with lots of ships.
T: The forest picture which I assume to be Gridania looks kind of lonely. It is more like a village than a city.
M: So mysterious, isn’t it? Pretty female fairies may live there (Mainai laughs).

Illustrations by Connect!On comic artists: people living in Eorzea

We have these pictures before anyone else in the world! We’re proud to present pictures done in the unique styles of our very own Connect!On comic artists based on the information from FFXIV. It’s still a while before we can play the game, but don’t these pictures make you feel like you’re a step closer to actually being in Eorzea? Please enjoy these illustrations. (Japanese emoticons included, may appear garbled if you do not have Japanese fonts on your system –Manly)

Miq’ote by Haruu
Here is a miqo’te with a fluffy tail and cat ears, and she carries a huge spear on her back. (*´ω`*) This picture sports an amazing balance of frankness and loveliness!

Elezen by PonKichi
The colors of the illustration convey the atmosphere and aura of characters. Both the male and female are quite handsome! They are so irresistible♪(*’ω’)

Lalafell by Haruu
Here we have a cocky lalafell Male and shy lalafell Female. They are like mascot for Eorzea, but it seems like someone may have it out for them?!

Roegadyn by Suzume
*The illustration of the roegadyn says “My staple food? Lalafells.”
……..(゜Д゜;) This picture successfully captures the image of the unique roegadyn with an original point of view. Lalafells, you guys have to run away!!

Hyuran by Ashida Tsuru Himu
The illustration of Hyuran by Himu, who paints with various touches, has a Japanese taste with nifty lines and clear colors.

Oi, I likey the choice for the Miqo'te voice...Shoko Nakagawa already plays a sexy looking cat-girl anyway...hehe

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Connect!On February Scans and Translation.
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