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 oh hai

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Joined : 2010-05-09
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PostSubject: oh hai   Sun May 09, 2010 10:52 pm

Hello there. My name is Syrheim, and my friends and I are looking for an active FFXI community.

I played FFXI for about 3 years under the handle Siras but stopped shortly after CoP. I enjoyed the mid-game and crafting, so my highest jobs are a 55 DRK and 54 BRD with 60 Fishing and 72 Cooking. I'm not sure how much of my FFXI knowledge is still applicable, but I've always found the game very deep and challenging. (I had to rename my character because of some Return to Vana'diel nonsense a few years back.)

Two of my good friends from college have become disenfranchised with WoW and other recent MMORPGs. I've always talked highly of FFXI, and with nothing on the horizon and a $15 Steam deal, we couldn't resist hopping into Vana'diel.

We've been playing for a few days now, and I went scouring for a Linkshell. You guys seem to be active and helpful. We would enjoy being members here :)

My two friends are Kikini and Melodie. I'll get them to post shortly.
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Soten Enki


Joined : 2009-06-18
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PostSubject: Re: oh hai   Sun May 09, 2010 11:06 pm

Welcome to the forums. Quite a few new things have been released since you last played. But you shouldn't be lost. Once you get approved for membership we can get a pearl to you in game.


"There are some things that can beat smartness and foresight? Awkwardness and stupidity can. The best swordsman in the world doesn't need to fear the second best swordsman in the world; no, the person for him to be afraid of is some ignorant antagonist who has never had a sword in his hand before; he doesn't do the thing he ought to do, and so the expert isn't prepared for him; he does the thing he ought not to do; and often it catches the expert out and ends him on the spot."  -Mark Twain
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Khalus Akuhei
Furtively Altruistic

Joined : 2008-05-21
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PostSubject: Re: oh hai   Sun May 09, 2010 11:07 pm

Hiyas, welcome to our forums and wanting to join us in FFXI. I see you have played extensively and have a good deal of knowledge under your belt. Teaching friends that appear to have been weaned on WoW how to play FFXI will be quite the challenge, so good luck with that...hehe

New members here and to FFXI are always a fun lot though as they get to experience things for the first time we did so long ago, their reactions are fun to be a part of and bring back lingering thoughts of those elder days.

Well membership granted, please be social with us; talking is fun and we'll see ya in Vana'diel sometime...

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Joined : 2010-05-09
Posts : 3

PostSubject: Re: oh hai   Sun May 09, 2010 11:20 pm

Thanks so much :)

I'm currently downloading/reinstalling the game. I first installed and updated with my original CDs, and decided today to finally purchase the Ultimate Collection on Steam. Well after I activated the content, I logged in and FFXI said that the expansions were not installed and that I couldn't enter those areas of the game. Doh!
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Satha Kuuetsija


Joined : 2010-02-05
Posts : 229

PostSubject: Re: oh hai   Mon May 10, 2010 4:56 am

First of all, hello and welcome to the shell!

Second, the problem with steam is that it downloads and installs the game into a steam folder instead of the original FFXI folder. So if you're launching from anything but the Playonline from the steam folder it will say you don't have the expansions installed. Just launch playonline from steam and you should be fine. If you have been, then I have no idea :p

PS: You may also have to delete the FFXI files you installed from your original ffxi disc. It'd be best to ask Pyrrha aboot this though seeing as he had to delete some files to get the steam ultimate edition running, if I recall correctly.

Hope this helps!
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Luxtra Vherr


Joined : 2010-01-25
Posts : 922

PostSubject: Re: oh hai   Mon May 10, 2010 5:40 am

Welcome to EE!

I did have similar issues even without installing with the CDs (I got the steam version when it was 66% off so I only paid ~5 dollars lol)

What I read the problem was is that if there are two installation folders (one in the steam folder and one in it's own POL folder in Program Files) it will cause problems, I ended up uninstalling FFXI and POL and deleting both folders entirely, and then reinstalling. You could try just deleting the original folder you installed with the CDs, which is the one that isn't in the Steam folder, if that doesn't work you might have to uninstall and delete it all.

Let me know how it works out for you!
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Joined : 2010-05-09
Posts : 3

PostSubject: Re: oh hai   Mon May 10, 2010 11:16 am

I am indeed doing what you describe, Pyrrha. Uninstalled all my FFXI and POL programs and letting Steam download/install. Trouble is that my internet is pretty slow. Steam has been downloading FFXI for over 12 hours now :/
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Foju Kaisiepo


Joined : 2010-02-27
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PostSubject: Re: oh hai   Thu May 13, 2010 4:10 pm

you actually managed to convince your friends to quit WoW and try FF

i salute you sir! i tried to bring 3 of my friends from WoW to FFXIV and at the end of the day, im the loser

anyway welcome to EE!
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PostSubject: Re: oh hai   

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oh hai
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