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 The Landscaping I've been doing...

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Khalus Akuhei
Furtively Altruistic

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PostSubject: The Landscaping I've been doing...   Sun Jul 04, 2010 3:02 pm

The ground all around the walkway used to be filled in with mulch and had black trim around it, but after Kunae decided to tear most of it up and the cost and work to haul new mulch in this year I decided to just get in and level it better and plan to lay grass seed everywhere instead. It'll look really nice with a walkway through the grass once its done.

Some of its still not leveled completely yet or finished how I'd like it, but I'm really tired and its been over 90 degree out and that area is in the full sun all day since we lost the huge tree right there a few weeks back. Some of the ground was a little higher in others and lots of dead areas due to the tree laying in the yard for awhile too, so I took our tiller and ran over everything you see as just dirt and ground it up nicely to make it easier to move around.

I still need to toss down some grass seed soon, but again too hot out for now...I'll get to it soon enough!

In these images you can see the long strip down the yard where I dug about a 30-40ft trench for the drain...that was painful and I had two huge roots about 8in thick I had to cut out with the chainsaw to get it through.


Yesterday I planted 2 Yoshino Flowering Cherry Trees {non-fruit} ~ Not the best looking yet. You can see the stump of a 70ft tree that split in two a few weeks ago, and I lost all my shade on this side of the yard...sucks so much...

Here is what they'll look like when they grow up:

And finally my garden, which is quite small and few plants this year, got started late and dun want a ton of work this year!

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Musufasa Truecheuss

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PostSubject: Re: The Landscaping I've been doing...   Sun Jul 04, 2010 8:45 pm

Looks like a lot of fun! I recently built a 2 story garage and had to dig up about 120 feet total of ditch for electricity and water and such. After about 20 feet of doing it manually I rented a ditch witch, was a lot easier!
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The Landscaping I've been doing...
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