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 Trauma Team

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PostSubject: Trauma Team   Fri Jul 09, 2010 10:16 am

O.o so a friend let me borrow the game...and...just...wow... its hard to describe but the story is wierd.... it starts off that this guy who has a 250 year prison sentence gets called out to help operate on some peeps in a hospital.

this guy...so far i foudn his missions were the most fun. unlike the older trauma center games...this one does not have a timer to make u rush. with the exception of this guys last mission where at one point u get down to a 10 minute timer and if you run outa time you can still continue but your score loses points.

as for the others...well..it was surprising that the first image you see under picking the story of the first responder lady is this >.>

then you have this crazy big guy whose a super hero (before you ask...no im not ruining the story for those of you who havent played. its obvious within the first CS that you get that this guy runs away....and the next scene you see "captain eagles" boots and how he fights some dudes) but he specializes on operatin on kids...whatever thats called again.

his crash flight landing...

and as for this "asian" lady

she does operations that are more body exploration. in case you didnt notice each doctor has his/her specialty and the gameplay changes so it doesnt get boring.

the other doctors i havent messed with but i think theres 2 more

aside from some of the crazy aspects of the game its not ad. then again i wouldnt flat out say its a 10/10 game..maybe an 8/10. one thing i liked about it was its use of the wii remote. when u get the shocker pads you have to hold up the nunchuck and the remote like ur actually doing it. and you have to do some spins, twist the remote, push, pull... by far the first game other than metroid prime 3 where you actually moved the remote in some unique ways.
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Trauma Team
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