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 Kane & Lynch II: Dog Days

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Khalus Akuhei
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PostSubject: Kane & Lynch II: Dog Days   Fri Aug 20, 2010 4:30 am

Ok, so it released, I got it, and beat it in one sitting of about 9-10hrs on the Extreme {4th} difficulty option. It was your average 3rd person shooter, which required using the hide and shoot tactic in most areas to survive, as you'd die in a few immediate hits if you were in the open too long.

I had one major beef that persisted with it throughout the entire game, and that was enemies and their ridiculous resistance to my bullets. I mean seriously most times it felt as though I had to wait for enemies to run to a certain point on the map before you could actually kill them or they'd keep getting up, even after pumping an entire clip into their T-Shirt and pants covered bodies, or even bare chested. You could even see the bullet holes, 6-10 in the chest of a mob still get up and run towards you again...le sigh Then later on when enemies actually had full swat style armor on, I had many get back up 2-3 times after dropping them with full clips, and some with multiple shots to their head...it was really frustrating cause the many times when you thought an enemy was dead it'd sit up and shoot ya in the back while you were busy attempting to move on.

Now as far as story goes, its not very hard to ruin as there really wasn't much beyond Kane and Lynch meeting up again and immediately getting into some horrible trouble by killing a girl of some crime lord, and he wants you dead, supposedly without ever hearing a word from this guy until he's pleading for his life near the end. The majority of the game was a very linear run through streets, and building and alleys all over Shanghai China...I guess... With tons of unknown and heavily reused enemies constantly wanting you dead, kinda gang war style, and eventually the police join in trying to kill you too.

One rather weird option opposed to the original Kane & Lynch is the addition of a marquee to cover up nudity and when you or certain mobs took a head shot or something that would have blown a chunk of ones body away. I found no way to turn it off, so just dealt with it, but its odd to have had it considering the extreme nature of this title, whereas the original didn't have it. Then came a rather disturbing and weird level that left both Kane and Lynch heavily tortured and sliced all over the naked bodies by a razor with blood dripping down, and for an entire level or two you run all over the streets and alleys naked past stores you could have grabbed some clothes in, in massive fire fights with the police, and then finally at the start of another chapter you find some clothes...heh

Anyway, wrapping this up, whatever the reason for the story which was stupid and rather weak, and having everyone turn on you which you brutally slaughter thousands in escaping, the final level gave you like 5min to get past a bunch of snipers and other police to jump on a plane before it leaves, even sicking attack dogs after you during the final stretch. Forcing your way onto the plan at gun point, it takes off and instant credits. It felt extremely rushed there at the end and gave no addition plot, but I suppose it really didn't need it...ah well

It was something to do for the day, but it was a very weak and heavily buggy game in regards to bullets actually working as intended, and with no solid story or conclusion left me wondering WTF all that was and why!?
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Soten Enki


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PostSubject: Re: Kane & Lynch II: Dog Days   Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:12 pm

I got the original bundled with 30 games for 70$ will definitely install it one day but I will not be picking up the second that's for sure.


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Kane & Lynch II: Dog Days
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