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 [Werefox Build] Fox Change/Tank/Tamer

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PostSubject: [Werefox Build] Fox Change/Tank/Tamer   Tue Jul 01, 2008 3:17 am

I thought of a neat system that is working for me quite well. So I thought I would post it on here for anyone that is interested in making a WF Tank and doesn't want to be a mage with a low HP pool:


-Con: Most of your Stat Points should go into Con. This will bump up your HP so that you can Both take damage and Revive/Heal/Tame Monsters when its needed.

-Str: Only add as many points as are needed. I advise that you only put in enough to equip new Hammers/Axes/Armors. You will do just as much damage with the bare minimums in Str after you tame and level your monster to aid you in battle. With the monster you should do just as much damage as a Damage Dealing character.

-Agil: You need VERY little of this. The only time you ever need to put points into Agil is when your gear requires that you do so. Most Foot gears require that you put in a few points of Agil here and there as you progress, but not enough to dent your stat distribution.

((NOTE: Try and only Put in the BARE Minimum when increasing Str and Agil. Example: The Hammer you buy requires 13 Str. ONLY Level your Str up to 13. If you want you can add more such as I did. But you will be doing yourself a favor later on when you have super High HP. But It never hurt to add some here or there for a little damage boost. ^^))


-Fox Morph: You will want this as soon as you get the option too. At later levels there will be several spells you can use in this form to Reduce a targets Accuracy/Speed/Defence/MP/Vigor/cause Paralysis/etc; as well as buff spells that increase your Physical Attack/Accuracy/etc.

-All Spells related to Fox Morph: All the spells that are related to your Morphing ability will be essential though you could also level the ones you see fit. They will help to cripple enemies and make the fights go a lot more in your favor. The spells are all listed on your skill tree with your Fox Morph Ability as the leading spell.

-Pet Tame/Heal/Revive: These will be essential to you because you will be using your pets A LOT. These will make it so you can Bring your pets back to life/heal them/and tame new ones.

((PET NOTE: ALWAYS try to keep their loyalty at max by feeding them. They level VERY fast with Max loyalty and do better damage as well.))

-------------------------------------[Using this Build]]-------------------------------------

The entire purpose of this build is to be a top of the game tank IMO. Not only will you have a large HP Pool, but you will also have your Monsters by your side to also help battle and take the heat. And with all of the Con you gain you also get MP increase which balances perfectly for maintaining your Monsters Health. This is how the build figures up to work so well:

- Your monsters use a Skill called "Armor Break" which tends to generate quite a bit of hate. This uses your monsters as a 1st line of defense as well as lower the enemies Physical Defense. This makes it so all the Physical Damage Dealers in your party can really put the smack down on the enemy. Your monster can also Dule as a Puller. You can sick it on the enemy and then call your monster back to pull it into the group. This saves your party from unneeded damage and lets the enemy focus on your pet instead of team mates. Along with your monsters ability to lower the enemy Defense; this give you the ability to deal almost the same amount of damage as a Melee Dmg Dealing Character. You just have to make sure to always carry a Wand in your inventory so that you can heal and revive monsters as needed (you only need a level 1 wand and nothing else. They all heal the same amount of HP as you level your Pet healing/Taming/Reviving spells). You however DON'T use a wand as your main weapon. Your Main weapon will mainly be Dule Hammers/Axes to make sure you can get in enough hits to make a difference.

- The Fox Spells that you gain later on can help A LOT. In conjunction with your monsters Armor Break you will also be able to do some debuffs of your own. This will help to really take the enemy down a notch.

- Lastly, there is your character herself, the second line of defense. With your high HP/MP pool you can keep your Monsters alive AND draw the enemy to attack you and your pet. This will make it so healers/Mages/Crit Damage Dealers/etc. dont have to worry about watching their health gage as much and focus on the enemy and other team mates.

As long as you keep good gears/Weapons/and train your monsters to make sure they are at their peak; you can turn out to be a real shield for your group. I hope this guide helps someone out ^^. It was an idea I got from playing FF XI; and it is working for me VERY well. ^_^

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PostSubject: Re: [Werefox Build] Fox Change/Tank/Tamer   Tue Jul 01, 2008 7:46 am

I only spend my points when required except for 2 points go to con evrey lvl and i do 200+damage since lvl 15 i dont think the points directly efect combat except for con the equipment config is what efects direct combat and dps
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Joined : 2008-06-29
Posts : 497

PostSubject: Re: [Werefox Build] Fox Change/Tank/Tamer   Tue Jul 01, 2008 9:58 am

Yeah, its mostly the gears that make the damage. Which is why I use the minimum for the most part.
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PostSubject: Re: [Werefox Build] Fox Change/Tank/Tamer   

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[Werefox Build] Fox Change/Tank/Tamer
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