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 Battle Regimens and Incapacitation

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PostSubject: Battle Regimens and Incapacitation   Fri Oct 08, 2010 10:06 am

Battle Regimens

Battle Regimens are combat tactics which party members may employ against a single enemy. By coordinating and executing battle commands in a precise order, players may cause certain additional beneficial effects to occur. A Battle Regimen begins with the stacking of battle commands. All party members who wish to take part in the Battle Regimen must stack their actions in the correct order against the desired target. One of the members then initiates the Battle Regimen, and the stacked actions will be executed automatically.

Executing a Battle Regimen

  • 1. Consult with other party members to determine the best Battle Regimen to use against a specific target. The battle commands and the order in which they are to be executed should all be decided.
  • 2. Wait until your position in the queue comes around to switch to Battle Regimen mode and select the battle command you wish to stack.
*A single party member cannot stack more than one action in a Battle Regimen.

  • 3. After all participating party members have stacked their battle commands, one of the party members selects to initiate the Battle
  • 4. Once the Battle Regimen is initiated, the stacked battle commands will all be executed automatically, chaining together to create additional effects.
* Please note that factors such as distance from the enemy may prevent stacked battle commands from being executed once the Battle Regimen is initiated. In these cases, the Battle Regimen will not end, but will instead proceed on to the next command in the queue.

Additional Effects

The additional effects produced by successfully executed Battle Regimens, and the combinations that yield them, are listed below.

Damage to Body Parts

Among the enemies found throughout Eorzea, there are those with body parts susceptible to damage. Sustaining a certain amount of damage will result in those body parts becoming incapacitated. For example, an aldgoat’s horns may be broken, or a diremite’s stinger lopped off. This is achieved through the use of specific weaponskills that automatically target these body parts whenever they are present. When the body part of an enemy is incapacitated, it will suffer the following effects:

  • Weaken the monster
  • Prevent the monster from using its special attacks
  • Influence the type of loot dropped

The Art of Incapacitation

This portion will introduce some of the weaponskills capable of causing incapacitation, as well as the body parts those weaponskills target. Beyond those listed below, there are additional enemies with body parts capable of being incapacitated.

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Battle Regimens and Incapacitation
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