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 Pokemon Bra "Gotta Cup 'Em All"

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Khalus Akuhei
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PostSubject: Pokemon Bra "Gotta Cup 'Em All"   Tue Dec 14, 2010 5:30 pm

Taken from an article over on Kotaku, then I started reading through the comments since it was amusing. One poster started it with the first line and several other replied with the below lyrics....hahahaha:

I wanna be the very breast, like no one ever was...

to support them is my real test, to restrain them is my cause...

I will travel across the bar,
Mackin far and wide,
Each Woman to feel
The breast that's inside! (Breast inside!)

Gotta touch them alllllllll!
I know its my destiny!
Oh! Your my breast friend.
Its this breast we must defend...

A lust so true,
Our instincts will pull us through,
You touch me and I'll touch you,
(Gotta touch 'em) Gotta touch 'em, Gotta touch 'em all!

Pokemon theme ~ so its easier to understand the lyrics above...rofl {that is of course if you don't have the pokemon theme engraved in your mind yet...LOL!}

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Pokemon Bra "Gotta Cup 'Em All"
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