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 Final Fantasy Versus XIII {new 7min trailer}

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Khalus Akuhei
Furtively Altruistic

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy Versus XIII {new 7min trailer}   Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:18 am

But don't wanna buy a PS3...its becoming very tempting after seeing the combat in this one...simply incredible!


Driver: Prince Noctis. (Several times)
Driver: That over there's intense isn't it?
Noctis: It's just like an occupation.
(Tool booth says that it's closed, but they get to go through anyway since he's a prince.)
Noctis: Goodbye, whoever you are.
Lady: You see the light too, right Noctis?
Lady: So do I.
Lady: When the goddess Etro opens the gates to welcome the souls of the fallen, the dazzling light that lights up the land of the dead leaks out into the heaven.
Lady: Sometimes there are those that can see the light. These people are gifted with powers from the land of the dead.
Lady: Did you receive any powers Noctis?
Noctis: I don't know about Etro's light or whatever, but I don't like seeing that.
Lady: But why... why are there people who can see it and people who can't, I wonder?
Lady: I believe that there is some special meaning to it, and I've been thinking about it for a long time.
Noctis: A meaning with.. seeing the light?
Lady: Yes. For example maybe there is something I must do or accomplish?

King: I see, so you are just using it?
King: However, I'm sorry to say that you can not become king.
King: I will not turn over the throne to anyone.
King: I will go down in history as the last king.

Noctis: Ignis, how was it?
Ignis: L'cie(?) were continuing as if nothing happened. They continue to thrive together with the crystal.
Ignis: I believe that this is the best way it could end for the Niflheim side. (There's some word that sounds like like Hanawa.. but I don't think it fits in. Might be referring to some in-game thing that I/we don't know anything about.
Noctis: That means we will do a full assault and recapture the crystal, right?
Ignis: No, look at it realistically Noct.
Noctis: You saw my strength, didn't you!?
Gladiolus: We saw it, but your body isn't used to your new power yet. I must be tough right now.
Ignis: You're going to need time.

Grumpy: Let's go!
Noctis: Why should I, the strongest of us all, run away?
Ignis: When you're here the number of victims will increase.
Noctis: Why!?
Ignis: You're their target. They probably want to take you hostage and use that advantage in negotiations.
Noctis: Negotiations? At this stage?
Noctis: I'll just beat them all.
Ignis: Noct, I'm sorry but you're just not strong enough.
Noctis: WTF!?


Ignis (I think): Do you have a plan? Something 10 times worse.
Noctis: I'm going to think of a way to return it hundredfold.
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Avgustin Narion


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PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy Versus XIII {new 7min trailer}   Tue Jan 18, 2011 2:53 pm

I've always been confused about setting for this game. Does it take place on Pulse? After the events of XIII? I mean, it looks nothing like XIII, but it's supposed to be set in the same world.
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Final Fantasy Versus XIII {new 7min trailer}
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