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 ::Zu Online::

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PostSubject: ::Zu Online::   Sun Mar 29, 2009 12:59 am

Zu Online Official Site

I played this game before the days of WAR, and before I took my long hiatus from Dofus. I really enjoyed the game. The classes are cool, the spells are visually (and some conceptually) interesting, and some really flashy (such as Bead Fairys AoE Skill: Ice Curtain). The world is pretty big, the story is in-depth, pet system is simple (but still has neat mountable companions ^_^), the bosses are a TRUE challenge and almost impossible to beat (which always makes it fun ^_~); requireing you to form giant parties, then link them all together to take on the massive beasts/demons/gods/whatever the hell they are. The way money is handled is interesting in its own right, and the all around game play is cool.


Classes (AKA: Clan)

They break the game up into 5 clans (Summoner, Swordmaster, Bead Fairy, Moon Maiden, Sun Warrior), and 3 factions (Don't remember the names, read the site xD). The faction you choose decides the outcome of who you can battle in PvP (can't PvP someone that is the same faction as you are).


The way skill builds are made up is interesting as well, and somewhat complex. Each Clan (AKA: your class) has a large assortment of spells/skills to choose from that are related to their specific clan. Each clan has 3 of their own special "Traits" which you can invest in after lvl 30 to excel in what ever aspect of game play you prefer (healing,AoE,Tanking,etc.). The game also makes skills something you really have to work for. The limit level caps at around the 300's, and you dont get into a lot of the super hard hitting/super cool skills until sometime after level 93+, or after level 100.


The game is also interesting in the fact that you earn your right to partisipate in events. When you reach certain milestones in your characters level, you are able to partisipate in certain daily events (Clan Specific/General Ceremonial Dances, Quizes, pet mazes, monster killing contest, land capture, guild vs. guild battles, etc.) which give massive boosts in EXP gain, and other prizes.


As for the crafting system, I really cant remember all the details. There are a lot of things I probably didn't mention because its been ages *atleast 2 years* sense I've played the game. I know that a lot of your "epic" gear comes from NM's, mini bosses, etc. And I know that your gear can hold A LOT of stat boosts, which is all accessable after doing some form of modification, or another. Some peices of armor off like 10+ stats that you are able to increase, impriove.


And as for the PvP aspect, it's not something you get forced into, from what I remember. Infact, I'm almost positive the only PvP I did was when I got bored and challenged people xD. I'm positive there is a system built into the game that lets you flag yourself on and off for PvP. Though I remember there being zones in the game (like WAR) where it auto flags you for PvP. But a lot of those places are swarming with hard to kill mobs, so no one ever fights there anyways xD. Atleast from what I remember. I also remember there being a map system where they actually seperate the different factions onto their own seperate island. So the only way to get to them is to go over to their territories. Of course, these are things the site doesn't tell you, you just learn them as you go.


This game just popped into my head the other night, when I remembered having made a guild on there. Come to find out, I remembered all my character information (and my lvl on there was a lot higher than I remembered :D **Level 60**). Either way, I thought I would throw this up here in case anyone takes an interest in it. I wouldn't mind playing, just because I'm casually playing whatever, and like to jump around when people aren't online on other games, etc.

Not sure if your work will let you on this one Az. But, if it does, I guess it gives you something else new to try out when you're bored xD. The name of my guild on there is "MoonTree" <--- **.hack//G.U fan xD**. The only reason why I stopped playing, was because my buddy that I started playing with (and RPed in game with as well) had major computer issues, and his machine got fried. Needless to say, with hardly any friends on there, I left when I got bored of being alone all the time with no one to talk to xD.
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Khalus Akuhei
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PostSubject: Re: ::Zu Online::   Sun Mar 29, 2009 6:40 am

Looks ok, but not liking the massive groups for bosses thing. Too much like a raid and I'd prefer to avoid that stuff! Watched a few vids and it looks eh....doesn't stand out well! You should give Rohan a try...I'm liking that system well atm...but taking my time and trying many of the race/classes before I commit to it.
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PostSubject: Re: ::Zu Online::   Sun Mar 29, 2009 7:43 pm

Yeah, I just threw this up in case anyone wants to play in the future. Trying to find things Az can play from work so she has something to do other than be restricted to ESO all the time, lol. I still might play again. I always wanted to test some of the other classes. Only one I played was a Bead Fairy xD.
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PostSubject: Re: ::Zu Online::   

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::Zu Online::
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