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 New info on FFXIV Races, Classes, Areas, and More!!!

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Khalus Akuhei
Furtively Altruistic

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PostSubject: New info on FFXIV Races, Classes, Areas, and More!!!   Tue Aug 04, 2009 10:37 pm

Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu, has just released a 9-page spread full of new information on FFXIV's new races and job system. Stick around for the latest info in this thread as it is constantly being updated as we receive more and more verifiable information.

A Brief Overview:
Humans are now called Hyuran, and have undergone basically no change. Tarutaru are now Lalafell, and have grown a lot taller in this game. Galka are now called Roegadyn, losing their tail and gaining size in comparison to XI. Whether or not there are any new races is still unknown.
Translation: "When you make your character, aside from choosing the race, you will also be able to customize their appearance. Head, skin color, hair type etc, there will be multiple factors. Just how exact we will be able to customize their appearance is still unknown, but we mean it in a good way when we say that. It seems like it will become a worry to many players."


* Hyuran (NA) ヒューラン Hyu-ran (JP) (pronounced "Hyoo rawn") / Similar to FFXI's Hume race.
* Most prolific race in Eorzea. They migrated from nearest islands and continents, taken with them their technology. The Hyurans are split up into two big groups according to their geographic localisation: inhabitants from low-lands and high-lands. Their cultures and languages are numerous.

* Lalafell / Similar to FFXI's Tarutaru race.
* This race of farmers is above all settled near the southern sea. The Lalafells may appear to be small but their intelligence is superior to the other races. It seems there aren't many women.

* Roegadyn (NA) ルガディン Rugadein (JP) (pronounced "Roo ga deen") / Similar to FFXI's Galka race.
* Most live in the northern sea on fishing. Some of them are hired as mercenaries or bodyguards by other races, but the other ones prefer to go towards the sea and choose to become pirates.

* Elzen / Similar to FFXI's Elvann race.
* This race is native from Eorzea. They clashed with the Hyuran after the latter's massive migration. Their auditory ability is noteworthy.

* Miqo'te / Similar to FFXI's Mithra race.
* This minority race in Eorzea splits up into two big groups: sun seekers and moon guardians. Most of them are dreadful hunters. Men are extremely rare.

Differences between races is rather minor but differences between genders will be more important.

There are four categories of jobs, with two jobs unveiled for each:

Job System:
* - Fighter: Fencer, Archer
* - Sorcerer: Witch/Shaman/Warlock & Conjurer/Caller (exact translation still TBA)
* - Crafter: Smith, Cook
* - Gatherer: Gardener, Fisherman

Path of the Crafter

By using crafting tools you will automatically start your path of the Crafter. Seems like crafting will play a major role in FFXIV. Classes included in this path are Chef and Blacksmith, among other (most likely).

{So the first piece explains that Crafters are craftsmen who manipulate manufacturing tools. "By equipping a manufacturing tool such as a blacksmithing hammer, a player can change into a crafter. We predict that there will be specialists in various fields, such as weaponsmiths, armorers and chefs." Finally, it says that representative classes under this category are: "Blacksmith" and "Cook".}


Path of the Sorcerer

This path, the path of the Sorcerer is for those who want to have magical weapons with enormous powers. The classes are a bit unsure as of yet, so we'll wait with speculating.

{The "Sorcerer." The text is blurry in some parts but what I can make out for certain is that the representative classes are: "Shaman" and "Illusionist." The body reads, "A player can change 'job?' to a Sorcerer when they equip a weapon that harbours magical powers. Other than the staff pictured in this shot, we're not certain what other weapons are available but, most likely, this job's function will be that of a support role, attacking or healing with magic."}


The Roegadyn race live near the Northern Sea. Some of them work as bodyguards and mercenaries, while others live an interesting life as pirates. They're also quite muscular.

{The Rugadyn has some missing text, but mostly its an explanation about the various races a player can pick from at character creation. Here are the parts I can definitely make out, "The Rugadyn are a large-framed and muscular sea-faring folk mainly from the North Sea region.......Those that you might encounter in the Sea City of Rimusa Rominsa are probably members of the Ze-vorufu Tribe (a variation of Sea Wolf most likely) in the midst of a port call, but you will find other Rugadyn around Eorzea in roles such as mercenaries, bodyguards or perhaps even pirates. In the Uldaha region, you may also come across their mountaineous counterparts, the Roengarude Tribe."

I also pieced a few more things together and noticed that there is mention of a broader job categories which include Fighter, Sorcerer, Crafter and Gatherer. These then break down into more specific "classes" such as Swordsman, Shaman and Blacksmith.}

Path of the Gatherer

Just like the path of the crafter, the gatherer path is begun by using harvesting tools. The image you see below is a man equipping a hatchet. Among the classes you can be, there will be Fisherman and Gardener.

{The WHM carrying the big axe is entitled "Gatherer" and is explained as "a specialist who manipulates gathering tools."??"As represented by the pictured Axe, a player can switch to Gatherer by equipping a gathering tool. This category will most likely feature classes which specialize in the collection of various materials. Could the Gatherer be that existence responsible for sustaining the populace of Eorzea?" The representative classes are: "Gardener" and "Fisher."}


The Hyuran race will be the standard race of Eorzea. Kind of like in Vana'diel. Furthermore by translating the article says that they've migrated to Eorzea from islands and continents nearby. Also, they brought with them technology and innivation that has raised the civilization of Eorzea to new heights; which you can see from the FFXIV trailer. As for the language and culture among the Hyuran race, there's a lot of variation. Highlanders and Midlanders are the main "classifications". Basically, who migrated into the mountains and the hills.

{The Hyuran (allow for some flubbing since some of the text was blurry.) "The most populous of the Eorzean races, the Hyuran are a race that have come from the nearby continents and islands to Eorzea over three mass migratioins. The technology and ideas that they brought with them from the outside world was a driving force that thrust the Eorzean Civilization forward. Though their strength lies in the many varied languages and cultural systems they possess, because of that variation, their unity as a race is low. They cherish their freedom. Hyuran are broken into two major groups; those that live in the lower elevations are called the Midlanders and those who reside in the higher elevations are the Highlanders."}

Path of the Fighter
The information about "the path of the fighter" says that it is for those who wish to wield great weapons of battle. Two classes that are part of the "fighter path": Archer and Swordsman.

{The Fighter scan aptly named, "Fighter." The representative classes are: "Swordsman" and "Archer." "Those that wield weapons and seek the path of warring." (Some artistic license due to the blurry text.) "The player can change into this job when they equip a weapon. Their class changes depending on what weapon they choose to equip. Classes that specialize in physical damage are believed to fill up this category."}


The Miqo'te is a cat-like race who are fierce hunters. You can seperate them into "Moonkeepers" and "Sunseekers". Not many of them exist in Eorzea, they're quite the minority.


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PostSubject: Re: New info on FFXIV Races, Classes, Areas, and More!!!   Wed Aug 05, 2009 12:58 am

I am really interested in the job system. A part of me is afraid but the other part is excited because it will be different but hopefully it won't be the game's downfall. I love how SE wants to be innovative with it though. I can't wait!
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Khalus Akuhei
Furtively Altruistic

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PostSubject: Re: New info on FFXIV Races, Classes, Areas, and More!!!   Wed Aug 05, 2009 3:43 pm

Source: Final Fantasy 14-Online

In the region of Eorzea, there're three big towns: Uldaha in the desert, Gridania in the forest, and Rimsa-Rominsa in the seaside. There're pirates in the latter one. Developers promise to give a story to each inhabitant of these towns. Currency will once again be called "gil".

* - Day-Night cycle.
* - 1 day Eorzea = 1 hour Earth
* - Weather changes.

Armory System:
The game system is named the "Armory System", it depends on character's equipment. To change play style, you need to change equipment parts: this modification is executed in real time.

For example, if you're invited to join a team of warriors to fight the enemies, you only need to wear the corresponding equipment to be ready. Once the party disbanded, you only need to change equipment to come back as a crafter, fisherman, etc.

This freedom will make the solo play easier since a warrior who wants to be cured can change into a healer himself. Thereof the number of inventory's slots is more important than FFXI. The developers thought about an easier way to change equipment.

To get more powerful in each specifications, it is advised to balance out the equipment parts between them. In FFXIV, the equipment's level is essential, even more than the character's level itself. The developers insist once again on the huge freedom of this system wherer change can be made whenever. That's probably why the name of the jobs are more neutral than FFXI. The game's team has deliberately chosen to avoid the usual job class.

* - you can change jobs and lifestyles freely
* - by changing your weapon, you are essneitally changing jobs, and can do so anywhere
* - so if you are invited to a PT and there are a lot of fighters, you can switch to a caster, then when your adventures are over, go fishing or synth some stuff
* - weapons and def gear all have their own merit. if you want to hone a particular skill, you can coordinate your equipment in that direction
* - rather than character levels and skills, the main thing is the skill of the item you are holding
* - you can play on your own and switch between fighter and caster to heal yourself, so soloing is easy
* - changing is as simple as changing your weapon, so there's no stress
* - typical jobs of the FF series, e.g. warrior and black mage, are being avoided
* - you can basically enjoy this world in any way you want. (me: freedom seems to be the main point here)

Fights are in real-time although the developers point out they won't be the "action" type.
In FFXIV, fights won't be only target and engage the enemy! You'll need to think to other parameters but no more details yet. (the magical barrier in the trailer?)

The items' resistance will be reduced through their use.

Guild System:
In FFXIV, guilds delivers licenses/permits to players. These illustrated (and beautiful?) cards match with the missions the character has to fulfill. The players will be able to share these permits (having the card or not) and even decide on the number of persons who can participate to the mission.

The game will be irrelevant to the level of each players but some permits can't be obtained before a definite level. These tasks would take 30min~ to be fulfilled, even if some of them will be shorter. Of course, you can carry several permits at the same time.

Those missions will have different and various goals: monster hunting, enemies' raid, skill ups... These operations are called "etherites" (?) and will allow you to be instantly teleported to the specified area.

* - these are passes of trust you obtain from guilds
* - a Leave is not a quest. it's a card.
* - you can mix your Leaves with other players' Leaves
* - at the Adventurers' Guild, you can get Guild Leaves
* - there are Leaves that you can't get when your skill is low
* - typically a Leave will take 30 mins to complete, there are some shorter too
* - you can set the number of people needed to clear the Leave by yourself (seems to be like a difficulty level)
* - if one person is carrying a Leave, other players may join whether they have the same Leave or not
* - the contents of the Leave change after a week passes
* - you can carry multiple Leaves (they are card form, like invitations)
* - Guild Leaves are designed like Tarot cards and are really beautiful

* - installations that can warp you to your adventuring spot instantly

* - in Eorzea, the cities are not all on one connecting landmass, like they were in FFXI
* - the difference between races is not as big as FFXI
* - but their is a difference between male and females, which they are keeping secret
* - character creation: face, hair colour, eye colour, skin, etc. etc.
* - battles are realtime, but not action based
* - targeting an enemy and fighting (like FFXI) is not the main system, there will be a lot that you have to think about besides the target itself.
* - because of the armory system, they are going to make it possible to carry lots of stuff
* - there will also be stuff included that makes it easy to change gear
* - they're considering whether to let you master everything or not - there may be a see-saw like approach (like FFXI)
* - the base of the character growth is the weapon. use a weapon and raise your skills.
* - they are considering the option to let you arrange your windows how you want
* - weapons will degrade with use
* - Guild Leaves include monster hunting, expulsion, skilling up, etc etc
* - when you go on a Leave run, you can use Ethelite to take you where you need to go instantly
* - there are pirates in Rimsa
* - Miqo'te are more catlike
* - some trumpeting about how it's going to be an awesome game
* - right from the start, it'll be exciting and you'll be thinking "orly!?"
* - weather changes, day/night too
* - 1 game day = 1 earth hour
* - people who can only play an hour a day will still be able to enjoy the game
* - the monetary system is Gil
* - the people living in the cities all have their own backstory
* - you'll start the game from your home city (I guess it's based on race, but doesn't say implicitly).

Article Translated by Elmer The Pointy:

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Khalus Akuhei
Furtively Altruistic

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PostSubject: Re: New info on FFXIV Races, Classes, Areas, and More!!!   Wed Aug 05, 2009 5:17 pm

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PostSubject: Re: New info on FFXIV Races, Classes, Areas, and More!!!   Wed Aug 05, 2009 7:07 pm

What part of keep what players liked in FFXI and get rid of the stuff they disliked did SE miss?

So now instead of exp parties, we have skillup parties?
Expand the job system by removing it all together?

I'll wait till we have more solid info, but that's really depressing info so far.
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Khalus Akuhei
Furtively Altruistic

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PostSubject: Re: New info on FFXIV Races, Classes, Areas, and More!!!   Thu Aug 06, 2009 5:24 pm

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Ianthe Reine

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PostSubject: Re: New info on FFXIV Races, Classes, Areas, and More!!!   Thu Aug 06, 2009 5:32 pm

I like how the Miqo'te are gonna be more catlike than the Mithra.
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PostSubject: Re: New info on FFXIV Races, Classes, Areas, and More!!!   Fri Aug 07, 2009 12:25 pm

Mass updates to the SE site. I'm unable to pull it up at work but I've seen and read that it now lists the races, some history, better info about jobs, etc.

Here's a link to screenshots of all of the updated info:
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PostSubject: Re: New info on FFXIV Races, Classes, Areas, and More!!!   Thu Oct 08, 2009 10:23 pm

More info is up....I will be playing a "mithra" (( sorry, they will always be mithras to me)) lancer when it comes out. Not a lot of game play footage out there yet but I like a lot of what I have seen for game details.
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PostSubject: Re: New info on FFXIV Races, Classes, Areas, and More!!!   

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New info on FFXIV Races, Classes, Areas, and More!!!
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